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By: The Elephant Sanctuary

August 22, 2014

The Final Days of Summer

The final days of summer - Misty by the Red Barn
Misty by the Red Barn

At Asia Barn and Habitat, Misty is still discovering more of The Sanctuary. Our Caregivers have begun to notice a pattern in her ambulations:

"Misty has still not remained in one area from the morning to the afternoon. It’s really interesting to watch her navigational patterns: she seems to use the lake almost like a GPS point, and we’ve noticed her returning to this area each time before heading to somewhere new. It such a cool behavior to watch as it is such a special and rare set of circumstances.” Misty’s summer of discovery continues…and you can watch along via our EleCam.

World Elephant Day

August 12th was World Elephant Day, and the Q staff have some photos to share of the Girls enjoying some appropriately decorated (with non-toxic finger paint) watermelons to mark the occasion. 


Billie enjoying her treat!
Billie enjoying her treat!

Debbie and Ronnie
Debbie and Ronnie

New Video: Elephant Neighbors, Part 2

The Elephant Sanctuary's 2700 acres are not JUST a home for 13 elephants retired from zoos and circuses, but also for many other animals commonly found in the Middle Tennessee wilderness. Naturally, our EleCams capture some of their activities as well.

Not long after Misty began hanging out in the area around the lake, a resident coyote decided to check her out while she napped before going on about her day. Deer and turkey are common sights in the meadows of the Q Habitat.

Debbie seems to take a special interest in their goings-on, we observed her interacting with them before....often when the deer decide to help themselves to Debbie's hay. Debbie actually had access to the field where the deer were in this video, but she appeared content to "shoo" them from the fence line. The ability to regularly interact with other animals in a natural setting was a new experience for many of these elephant upon arrival at The Sanctuary, and these interactions are an enriching part of The Sanctuary experience.


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