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  • By The Elephant Sanctuary - 12/31/2016 From - 12/31/2016

    Happy New Year from The Sanctuary

    As we approach the new year, we take time to look back on 2016 to assess growth and accomplishments and finalize plans for 2017.

  • By The Elephant Sanctuary - 12/27/2016 From - 12/27/2016

    Milestone Birthdays

    This year, three Sanctuary elephants celebrated milestone 50th birthdays.

  • By The Elephant Sanctuary - 12/23/2016 From - 12/23/2016

    Tis the Season for Holiday Enrichment

    Holiday-themed enrichment has appeared all over The Sanctuary's habitats for the elephants to discover.

  • By The Elephant Sanctuary - 12/13/2016 From - 12/13/2016

    Rosie Update

    At 46-years-old, Rosie is the African elephant requiring the most care and attention due to a variety of chronic, progressive health conditions including degenerative joint disease and severe abscesses in her feet.

  • By The Elephant Sanctuary - 12/10/2016 From - 12/10/2016

    Local Tree Trimmings to Feed The Sanctuary’s Elephants

    The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee will host a Christmas tree browse collection Dec 26 - Jan 6 at The Sanctuary’s Elephant Discovery Center.

  • By The Elephant Sanctuary - 12/7/2016 From - 12/7/2016

    Two-Day Event Takes The Elephant Sanctuary Around The World

    The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is taking animal education to a whole new level by hosting virtual field trips to The Sanctuary that allow students to observe elephants in their habitats without ever leaving the clas...

  • By The Elephant Sanctuary - 12/6/2016 From - 12/6/2016

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