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  • By The Elephant Sanctuary - 6/28/2017 From - 6/28/2017

    Building Bonds Among Africans

    Tange, Flora, and Sukari have been sharing space together almost daily in the African Habitat.

  • By The Elephant Sanctuary - 6/15/2017 From - 6/15/2017

    Mud for Miles

    A rainy spring is a muddy spring—which is just fine for the elephants at The Sanctuary who have been enjoying the many mud wallows throughout their habitats.

  • By The Elephant Sanctuary - 6/2/2017 From - 6/2/2017

    Sissy's Spring

    Sissy has been receiving a lot of additional enrichment and attention from Caregivers when she so desires, and is again beginning to show excitement in the early mornings.

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